Sibling Discount

Each sibling receives $100 off for each week of the program.


Multi-Week Discount

$100 off each additional week.


No Refund Discount

$100 off each week enrolled, however, cancellation and refund policy are no longer applicable to receive this discount.    


Advance Payment Discount

$50 discount for each month in advance fully paid for each week of the program, beginning February 1st until May 1st (Feb. - $200, Mar. - $150, Apr. - $100, May - $50).  For example, one student attending for two weeks with no Advance Payment Discount is $3,700 (Week # 1 @ $1,900 + Week # 2 @ $1,800 after an automatic Multi-Week Discount). If, however, a full balance is paid by February 1, 2022, an additional $400 ($50 per week, per month in advance) is taken off the final statement. The new total for this student to attend two weeks of Summer Jazz Workshop is $3,300. Utilizing the “No Refund Discount” would bring the bill down an additional $200 ($100 per week) making the new bill $3,100.