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The online curriculum is designed to support a wide range of instrumental development in jazz performance, middle school through adults. The core program is comprised of Jazz Language and Special Topics in Jazz Performance. At the end of the 8-week cycle, students will have gained a deeper insight to key aspects of playing jazz and applicable tools to further their progress.

Jazz Language

A dedicated session to developing how the language of jazz is learned through playing, listening, and the understanding of theoretical elements. Students will participate on their instruments as the instructors guide them through key concepts.

Special Topics in Jazz Performance

These classes are designed to address elements of jazz performance that are crucial to the development of performance skills. Students will take all four courses during the 8-week program. Classes include Transcription, Combo, Jazz Masters, and Jazz Theory.


Transcription (Week 1 & 5): There are many ways to approach jazz improvisation, and one method proven among jazz musicians for generations is the practice of transcription. In this class the instructor will guide students through the process of learning improvised solos by ear and how to apply that material to their own playing.

Jazz Theory (Week 2 & 6): An in-depth focus on the unique theoretical applications of jazz will be analyzed and discussed in the context of seminal recordings, original jazz compositions, and landmark instrumental solos.

Ensemble Techniques (Week 3 & 7): The instructor will focus on and analyze key aspects to successfully performing in a small ensemble. Recordings and practice tips will be introduced in a practical way for students to maximize practice aimed at preparing them for a variety of group settings.

Jazz Masters (Week 4 & 8): Students will be guided through important moments in the development of jazz music in history. Key figures will be identified along with their significant contributions to the art form still in practice today.

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