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The mission of the Jazz Arts Collective is to enrich, educate, and inspire a community of learning through jazz music.


The Jazz Arts Collective fosters creativity, aesthetic and practice-based learning, cultural awareness, and community engagement through inclusive education programs dedicated to enriching the lives of students of all generations, backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders.      

Core Values

Creativity & Innovation

We all have a capacity and need to be creative. The inherent qualities of jazz music paired with collaborative learning environments provide boundless opportunities to activate self-expression, ingenuity, and innovation that define meaningful moments in our lives.   



Celebrating the achievements of the group while acknowledging and valuing the contributions of individual efforts. The music and community of learning is best served when we share the process and celebrate the outcome.  

Diversity & Inclusiveness

The tradition of jazz is rich with diversity and moves forward as a culturally important art form by protecting the inclusiveness that has inspired musicians for generations. People of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders share a place in defining and redefining jazz music.


The most meaningful moments of learning and performing emerge from a community of support. Jazz music celebrates the synergy of individual contributions as a reflection of the diverse communities they come from.


We strive for the highest quality achievable in every aspect of our learning communities. From the content of the programs and applied pedagogies, to the persons charged with leading the effort, we endeavor to continually raise the standards of excellence in education.  


We deeply value emotional reactions to experiencing art and the unique process of converting feelings into new artistic works. Jazz affords all participants – listeners and creators – unique moments to negotiate these feelings by thoughtful design and improvisation.

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