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Summer Jazz Workshop - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do students need to learn specific repertoire before arriving to camp?

A: Students will be sent ensemble repertoire, both combo and big band, in the weeks leading up to the session. We encourage students to look over the material before arriving to get the most out of the experience with the instructors and guest artists.


Q: What equipment will be provided?

A: SJW will provide drum sets, bass and guitar amps, pianos, and keyboards. Drummers will need to bring their own sticks. Cymbals will also be provided, but drummers can bring their own if they choose. Guitar players should bring their own patch cables. Upright basses will be available for ensembles and practice, students who bring their own bass can safely store them overnight in practice rooms.


Q: Will students need extra money during the week?

A: Students will be taken on 1-2 excursions into the city (museum, jazz club, etc.). Students should have extra money if they would like to buy any souvenirs at these locations.


Q: Can I send mail or packages to my child?

A: Yes. Items can be sent to 113 W. 60th Street, NY, 10023 ATT: STUDENT NAME, Summer Jazz Workshop


Q: What time are the student performances?

A: There are two end-of-session performances each week. The combos will perform at 7:00pm on Friday night, and the big bands will perform at 12:00pm on Saturday for each weekly session.


Q: Will the concerts be livestreamed?

A: Yes, both concerts will be livestreamed.


Q: Do I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19?

A: No. As of May 15, 2023, Fordham University will no longer require members of the University community or visitors to be vaccinated against COVID-19.


Q: Is there WIFI on campus?

A: Yes.


Q: Can I have a guest visit me during the program?

A: Unfortunately, no. Guests are not allowed on campus during the program. Parents, friends, and family can attend the final concerts at the end of each week.


Q: Can I leave campus to explore the city or meet my family?

A: Residential students are not allowed to leave the campus on their own during the program. The primary concern for our residential staff is the safety of the students residing in the dorms and cannot act as chaperones off campus or allow students to leave campus unaccompanied. Students can, however, be picked up by parents with written consent given to SJW staff prior. Leaving campus unannounced could result in dismissal from the program.


Q: Will students be grouped by age?

A: We try to keep classes and ensembles close in age, but these placements are determined more by skill level than strictly age. Dorms, however, are assigned as close to age and school year as possible.


Q: Are vocalists allowed as participants?

A: The curriculum is designed for instrumental students. However, an instrumental student who is also a vocalist might have an opportunity to sing with one of the ensembles. All students must enroll primarily as an instrumentalist.


Q: Does SJW provide transportation to and from the airport?

A: No, we do not provide transport to local airports. All major NYC metro airports are easily accessible by public transit and taxi services.


Q: What is the minimum level of skill for students to participate in SJW?

A: There is no minimum skill level requirement to enroll in SJW. The program is designed as a non-audition, non-competitive learning environment. The placement videos submitted at the time of registration allow us to organize classes and ensembles based on the various skill levels of the students attending each week.


Q: Are students supervised at night?

A: Yes. Students are supervised by a team of Teaching Assistant / Counselors on call and on site 24/7. These counselors enforce the dorm policies and schedule for each day of the session from Sunday arrival to Saturday departure.


Q: What is the age eligibility?

A: Students must be in or entering grades 9-12. An 8th grader in the summer before high school is eligible, as well as a recently graduated high school senior in the summer before college.


Q: What is the tuition, and are there sibling or multiple week discounts?

A: The tuition (resident and commuter) is $1,250, room/board for residents is $650. Yes, there are sibling discounts and discounts for multiple weeks. SEE LINK for various discount options.  


Q: What are the sibling and multi-week discounts?

A: A sibling automatically receives a $100 discount per week. Each additional week enrolled also receives a $100 discount per week. Sibling and Multi-Week Discounts can be combined. EXAMPLE, two siblings staying for two weeks would cost $7,200 ($400 discount). However, if the balance is paid in full by May 1st there is an additional $50 reduced for each student for each week for an extra $200 reduction. The new total for two siblings staying two weeks is $7,000.    


Q: How are needs-based scholarships awarded?

A: If you are interested in applying for Financial Aid, you just need to submit a Financial Aid request form along with the first two pages of your most recent tax return. The Financial Aid form will be sent to everyone automatically after registration.  

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