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"Working closely with such heavy cats was an honor. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I hope to go to college in the east coast."

SJW Student, Trumpet

"Our older son had a chance to attend the camp at Fordham. He got to work with not only world known jazz musicians but also great young musicians that he is still in touch with. This camp was definitely an eye opener for him. Since then, he’s participated in the Colorado All-State Jazz, the Essentially Ellington, and the Telluride Jazz Festival All-Stars."


SJW Parent

"Summer Jazz Workshop gave me an amazing opportunity to learn from working musicians and get to know my musical peers from around the country. The connections I made have lasted into college, and I still find that I learn new things from the material taught at camp."


SJW Student, Tenor

"Our younger son received so much encouragement and motivation from the faculty and his peers that he hosted front porch concerts during the summer and entertained the neighbors. He has also been selected to be in the Colorado All-State Jazz and the Telluride Jazz Festival All-Starts and has performed at a local jazz venue with professional jazz musicians such as Greg Gisbert, Brad Goode, and Stafford Hunter."


SJW Parent

"Our son made lifelong friends in that camp. They ended up applying to the same colleges, still jam from time to time, keep in touch and celebrate each other's success. It was so cool that you were able to pull of an amazing week - in the city - with great conductors, teachers and peers. And that final concert! Those kids' playing changed inside one week! It was clear that they'd all been pushing and trying new things. So much growth."


SJW Parent

"Our son was deciding between chasing architecture or jazz - and it was SJW that convinced him to go deeper in music. He'd seen a little success, but it was SJW that opened his eyes to what's possible. It's had a huge impact on our life :)"


SJW Parent

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